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SEBI Laws comprises of the following:

  • Regulations pertaining to issue and listing of equity and debt instruments by companies (ICDR, LODR Regulations)
  • Takeover regulations
  • Regulations pertaining to scheme of arrangements between companies including domestic and cross border mergers, demergers.
  • Inside trading regulation

FEMA laws pertains to the exchange control regulations in India which deal with the cross-border capital and current account transaction by residents as well as non-residents. FDI Policy pertains policy framed by the Government of India in relation to the conditions applicable to the foreign direct investment in India and it’s governed by the FEMA laws.

Non-banking financial services laws pertain to the regulations framed by the Reserve Bank of India (‘RBI’) for the purpose of regulating non-banking financial companies in India.

Corporate and LLP laws refer to the laws applicable to the incorporation of, issue of capital, management and administration as well as winding up of the companies as well as limited liability partnerships in India.

Asset management laws and regulations refer to regulations framed by SEBI to regulated various asset management activities such as mutual funds management, portfolio management, alternative investment funds, investment advisors and PMS by both foreign and Indian financial services intermediaries.

Competition laws pertain to checking on practices by business which adversely affect competition in India. Competition laws are monitored and enforced by the Competition Commission of India. The services provided under these laws can be broadly categorized as under:

  • Advisory on the applicability of and implications under these regulations
  • Requirement of licenses and / or registrations
  • Advisory in relation to and assisting in compliance requirements at the time of set-up and on on-going basis
  • Advisory in relation to and assisting in compounding of offences

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